How To Go Through Something You Can’t See​

How To Go Through Something You Can't See

Video installation, video projected on shop windows, 2,8 x1, 5m, 21:34 min (loop), 16:9, no sound, 2007

A larger than life face rubs on the window glass. The glass of shop windows is a barrier which must always be clean and not contaminated. Touching the glass is a taboo. Shop windows are more and more secured with alarm systems. The boundary between inside and outside is almost invisible and impenetrable. By the pressure and the friction that is exerted on the glass, the face looks distorted. Additionally body fat and saliva make the window dirty.

Installation view: Schaurausch, OK Offenes Kulturhaus upper Austria with Linz 2009 european cultural capital, Linz (AT), May 2007
Installationview: PROTECHT, CASS – Bank Space Gallery, London (UK)
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