Three Little Apes

Three Little Apes

Al Gahaku Variations / 2020
3 Selfportraits transformed with Al Gahaku App in 10 Variations each, Website on Tablet, 2020

The self-portrait and its further objective transformation by using digital tools.
This portrait series is inspired by the iconic three little apes. 3 “Selfies” of the artists himself are defaults for the transformation with the Al Gahaku App and it’s ten variation options. The results are presented on the internet or other digital media.

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Obstacles - Roland Wegerer - Bad Hall



Videoperformance, 6:38min, 1920x1080px, 50fps, Sound, 2019

By using existing furnishings in the studio, different methodes of performace-based investigations were executed. You can watch back and forth in time simultanously for five seconds. These technique allows to show and listen to traces of time, movement and sound.
“Obstacles” was developed, recorded and post produced during an Artist In Residency in Bad Hall.
Supported by the goverment of Upper Austria.

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La Videoperformance Internazionale – Roma 2019

My video performance “What’s Your Name” will be screened on Nov 17 at the Macro Museum in Roma!





17 November 2019, 15:00

by Paola Zucchello and Art Web Gallery Cultural Association for Medial Art


A loop projection of works of art in video preceded by a conversation on the theme of Videoperformance and the Art Web Gallery


They’re speaking:

Paola Zucchello – Art Director of the Art Web Gallery, Cultural Association for Medial Art

Francesca Gallo – Researcher of History of Contemporary Art at the University of Rome La Sapienza




Tales Frey, Reverso, Portugal 2014, 3’50

Eduardo Gabriel Herrera, Upload, Argentina 2018, 4’07”

Maria Felix Korporal, Square Flight, Holland 2012, 2’12”

Fenia Kotsopoulou, (Dis)remembering, Greece 2014, 2’13”

Francesca Lolli, Just want to be a WoMan, Italy 2014, 2’59”

Shahar Marcus, Leap of faith, Israel 2010, 3’03

Albert Merino, The city and the other, Spain 2010, 3’18”

Simone Stoll, Rain, Germany 2008, 1’30

Giuliano Sturli, Danza Fatua, Italy 1987, 9’45

Sylvia Toy St. Louis, Merge, United States 2017, 4’05

Roland Wegerer, What’s your name? Austria 2010, 1’56”.

Roberta Weissman Nagy, Space with no surface, Croatia 2018, 3’59





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WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE @ The Wrong Biennale

This is my first participation within a biennale! – and it’s the largest art biennale worldwide!

the wrong new digital art biennale is a global event aiming to nurture digital culture today.

the wrong is open from november 01st 2019 until march 1st 2020.

You can visit my project “WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE” right now, online at the Very Large Works Pavillion!

Since the opening of his WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE gallery, Roland Wegerer has been showing a series of space-consuming installations, using digital space in the process. In the online gallery, proportions change and everyday objects are elevated to the status of exhibits solely through their positioning. WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE is an experiment with shifts in meaning and a critical examination of the art system. Here, perception, validity and success are only a question of dimension and perspective. The actual art in this game between reality and image, however, is the digital image, its reception and its distribution. Wegerer playfully explores the potential of social media as a means of self-empowerment for artists. An Instagram direct link becomes an admission ticket to a globally available exhibition space, terminals with online access to visualization tools.

“the wrong just might be the world’s largest art biennale – the digital world’s answer to la biennale di venezia” 

the new york times 22/o1/2o18



what’s the wrong’s mission?
to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience through a biennial event that gathers a vast selection of digital artworks, embracing the artists, curators and institutions of today’s exciting digital culture scene.

Press article about the wrong (last edition 2017/18) in the New York Times 

more press here (der spiegel, el pais, …)

#thewrong #thewrongbiennale

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Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Exhibitions Roland Wegerer

My Augmented Reality (AR) work “HELMET / Selfglitch”

will be shown at the “ImagiNation” exhibition


Nations Towers, Abu Dhabi 
in cooperation with ARTIVIVE
23.10.2019 – 03.01.2020 


Take a look at this pretty new technology called Augmented Reality (AR)

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Vegetation Circle
Installation, Bucket, Concrete, Meadow, 2019

In his ring-like installation, Roland Wegerer shows a flowing panorama of vegetation stages. Buckets are used to cover grass for some weeks. Then they are exposed to sunlight and weather again. The segment with buckets is moved one position further in the circle each week.
Installationview: Botanical Garden Linz, Linz /A), 2019
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Cold Facts: Satisfaction

Cold Facts: Satisfaction

Video Performance, 5:27min, 16:9, 1920x1080px, Sound, 2018
No Satisfaction.
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Bogenharfe 2

Arc harp 2 (Sound And Vision)
Video Performance, 21:15min, 16:9, 1920x1080px, Sound, 2018 (excerpt)

Experimental Live Sound Performance with public Instrument “Arc Harp” by Josef Baier.
Tools: wooden cooking spoons.
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Digital Collages, C-Print, 30×30 cm, 2018

This series takes the phenomenon of the Selfies a step further. The artist transforms and deforms his selfie by using apps on his mobile phone. Questions about image, storytelling and self-optimization are ignored. These images asking about self-image-deconstruction and self-reflectation by looking in a “mirror”.
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Audiolandschaft Pongau

Audiolandschaft Pongau

Audiolandscape Pongau
Digital archive, sound, website, 2018

An  acoustic walk


“We can hear even before we’re born. The idea of “hearing the land” convinced the jury. Everything has its sound, every tree, every drop of water, even the motorway. A wonderful confrontation with a region in Salzburg that is documented, recorded and continued, and also with the consequence of depicting the contrasts of seeing and hearing”.

from the jury statement for the competition “Wahre Landschaft”, Land Salzburg, 2018


A combination of photography and sound recordings creates a modern landscape that can be visited at the website. 

More than 50 soundscapes habe been taken in the region of Pongau, combined with simultanously taken images. The archive is published on a website.

The region of Pongau is part of the state Salzburg in Austria.

This map shows all recording points:

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