Audiolandschaft Pongau


Audiolandschaft Pongau

Audiolandscape Pongau
Digital archive, sound, website, 2018

An acoustic walk

“We can hear even before we’re born. The idea of “hearing the land” convinced the jury. Everything has its sound, every tree, every drop of water, even the motorway. A wonderful confrontation with a region in Salzburg that is documented, recorded and continued, and also with the consequence of depicting the contrasts of seeing and hearing”.

from the jury statement for the competition “Wahre Landschaft”, Land Salzburg, 2018

A combination of photography and sound recordings creates a modern landscape that can be visited at the website. 

More than 50 soundscapes habe been taken in the region of Pongau, combined with simultanously taken images. The archive is published on a website.

The region of Pongau is part of the state Salzburg in Austria.

This map shows all recording points:

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