Previous Next Selfglitch Digital Collages, C-Print, 30×30 cm, 2018 This series takes the phenomenon of the Selfies a step further. The artist transforms and deforms his selfie by using apps […]

Burning Lens – Snow Edition

Previous Next Burning Lens – Snow Edition Digital photography, C-Prints, var. dim., 2018   Burning Lens – Snow Edition is a series of photographs taken in winter 2017/18. With long […]

Burning Lens – Into The Woods

Previous Next Burning Lens – Into The Woods Digital photography, C-Prints, var. dim., 2017 Burning Lens is a series of photographs taken in the woods. With long term exposures (2 […]


WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE Photography, each 45x30cm, Social Media (Instagram), model, 2016 – ongoing Since the opening of his WHITE_BOX_OPEN_SPACE gallery, Roland Wegerer has been showing a series of space-consuming installations, using digital […]

The Hummerbichler

Previous Next The Hummerbichler C-Prints,  var. dim., 2014 Extended variations related to “The Hummerbichler Series”. This row follows the Hummerbichler in various situations and various shapes. Random selection: It’s Dark […]

Where Do I Go?

Where Do I Go? 3 Photographs, C-Print, 20×30 each, 2013 Random selection: A Taste of Bench What’s Your Name? How To Clean A Puddle Sound How To Go Through Something […]

Six Seconds of Movement

Previous Next Six Seconds of Movement 26 C-Prints, s/w, var. dim., 2011   This series shows various movements of six seconds each. Interfaces and transitions are visible in these images. […]

Staring At The Sun Through My Hands

Previous Next Staring At The Sun Through My Hands 7 Photographs, C-Print, 75×50 cm, 2014 Staring at the sun through my hands. Random selection: This Is My Voice Sound What’s […]

It’s Dark in Here

Previous Next It’s Dark in Here Series of photography, C-Print, var. dim., 2008   “It’s Dark in Here” is a study to exame my head in relation to a black […]

Schachtel : Ich

Schachtel : Ich Box vs. Me Projection, height 2,0m, Hard Disk, 1’52” (Loop), 2006   In a loop of a total of 112 images, a box will be investigated in […]