Obstacles - Roland Wegerer - Bad Hall



Videoperformance, 6:38min, 1920x1080px, 50fps, Sound, 2019

By using existing furnishings in the studio, different methodes of performace-based investigations were executed. You can watch back and forth in time simultanously for five seconds. These technique allows to show and listen to traces of time, movement and sound.
“Obstacles” was developed, recorded and post produced during an Artist In Residency in Bad Hall.
Supported by the goverment of Upper Austria.


Bogenharfe 2

Arc harp 2 (Sound And Vision)
Video Performance, 21:15min, 16:9, 1920x1080px, Sound, 2018 (excerpt)

Experimental Live Sound Performance with public Instrument “Arc Harp” by Josef Baier.
Tools: wooden cooking spoons.
Burning lens Winter edition

Burning Lens – Snow Edition

Burning Lens - Snow Edition

Digital photography, C-Prints, var. dim., 2018

Burning Lens – Snow Edition is a series of photographs taken in winter 2017/18. With long term exposures (2 to 6 sec.) and precise choreography of the artist these photographs are showing some painting qualities. They are documenting time-based impression when you are moving your head quickly in a winterlandscape.

The Air Between The Fingers

The Air Between The Fingers

Video Performance, 4:17min, 1920x1080px, 2015
A Finger Performance in 25 Layers. Each Layer is shifted for 0.5 seconds

The Hummerbichler Series

The Hummerbichler Series

3 Videoperformances, 16:9, 2:23 min, 4:03 min, 3:49 min, Sound, 2014

For these short videos the character of the Hummerbichler has been developed. The whole scenes are coloured in an intesive red with a strange figure exploring abandoned areas. The Hummerbichler is continuously transforming his appearance while investigating an unknown habitat. He is a kind of alien trying to orientate himself. No answers will be given.

This Is My Voice

This Is My Voice (My Weapon of Choice)

Videoperformance, 3:50min, 16:9, Sound, 2010

The video performance “This Is My Voice (My Weapon Of Choice)” shows a stuttering chorus. Ten choreographically identical speech performances are shown simultanously. The irritation caused by the stuttering sound results in a new onomatopoetic sound. This video is a result of an intense speech thearpy by the artist.