Cold Facts: Satisfaction

Cold Facts: Satisfaction Video Performance, 5:27min, 16:9, 1920x1080px, Sound, 2018 No Satisfaction. Random selection: Audiolandschaft Strudengau The Hummerbichler Experimental Hiking The Hummerbichler Series Burning Lens – Snow Edition The White […]


Bogenharfe 2 Arc harp 2 (Sound And Vision) Video Performance, 21:15min, 16:9, 1920x1080px, Sound, 2018 (excerpt) Experimental Live Sound Performance with public Instrument “Arc Harp” by Josef Baier. Tools: wooden […]

Burning Lens – Snow Edition

Previous Next Burning Lens – Snow Edition Digital photography, C-Prints, var. dim., 2018   Burning Lens – Snow Edition is a series of photographs taken in winter 2017/18. With long […]

Burning Lens – Into The Woods

Previous Next Burning Lens – Into The Woods Digital photography, C-Prints, var. dim., 2017 Burning Lens is a series of photographs taken in the woods. With long term exposures (2 […]

Experimental Hiking

Experimental Hiking Site-specific project, Duration: 50min, 2016 Töpperschloss Neubruck / Scheibbs (A) (at the NÖ-Viertelfestival | Mostviertel 2016) Guided walk in a castels garden by ignoring compiled ways. Lampposts, flagpoles, trees,… […]

The Air Between The Fingers

The Air Between The Fingers Video Performance, 4:17min, 1920x1080px, 2015 A Finger Performance in 25 Layers. Each Layer is shifted for 0.5 seconds. Random selection: What’s Your Name? How To […]

The Hummerbichler

Previous Next The Hummerbichler C-Prints,  var. dim., 2014 Extended variations related to “The Hummerbichler Series”. This row follows the Hummerbichler in various situations and various shapes. Random selection: It’s Dark […]

The Hummerbichler Series The Hummerbichler Series 3 Videoperformances, 16:9, 2:23 min, 4:03 min, 3:49 min, Sound, 2014 For these short videos the character of the Hummerbichler has been developed. The whole scenes […]

This Is My Voice

This Is My Voice (My Weapon of Choice) Videoperformance, 3:50min, 16:9, Sound, 2010 The video performance “This Is My Voice (My Weapon Of Choice)” shows a stuttering chorus. Ten choreographically […]

Where Do I Go?

Where Do I Go? 3 Photographs, C-Print, 20×30 each, 2013 Random selection: A Taste of Bench What’s Your Name? How To Clean A Puddle Sound How To Go Through Something […]