How To Go Through Something You Can’t See​

How To Go Through Something You Can’t See Video installation, video projected on shop windows, 2,8 x1, 5m, 21:34 min (loop), 16:9, no sound, 2007 A larger than life face rubs on the window glass. The glass of shop windows is a barrier which must always be clean and not contaminated. Touching […]

How To Clean A Puddle

HOW TO CLEAN A PUDDLE Video, DVD, Mini DV, 1:42 min, 16:9, sound, 2008 By excessively jumping into a puddle a final result will be achieved. What has ended in childhood after a few jumps is completed in this video. Water, mud and the black clothes generate short sculptural qualities […]

Ich bin kein Fisch Ich bin kein Fisch (I’m Not a Fish)Video / video installation, DVD, Mini DV, 3’30min (Loop), 4:3, Sound, 2006 This video performance shows the artist trying to enter the water as a new habitat. Because of his anatomical characteristics it is not possible for him to remain for a […]