A Taste of Bench

A Taste of Bench Videoperformance, mini DV, DVD, 2:01min, 16:9, Sound, 2010 The video “A Taste of Bench“ shows 126 pictures a performance. A man explores a bench by putting his body in relation to it. The process of moving to each position is changing his relationship to and the […]

This Is My Voice

This Is My Voice Video performance, app. 500x300cm, 8:05 min, HD, sound, 2010 The video performance “THIS IS MY VOICE” shows a stuttering chorus. Ten choreographically identical speech performances are shown simultanously. The irritation caused by the stuttering sound results in a new onomatopoetic sound. Installationview: Electric Walls Installationview


GOLD GOLD GOLD Video, DVD, mini DV, 1:12min (loop), 16:9, mute, 2009I’m on a black background. At the left edge of the picture you can see a part of my head with my mouth. The mouth opens. From the mouth cavity slowly and horizontally honey forms out until the jet […]

It’s Dark in Here

Previous Next It’s Dark in Here Series of photography, C-Print, var. dim., 2008 “It’s Dark in Here” is a study to exame my head in relation to a black plastic bag. Thirteen photographs are showing the iconic beauty of taking yourself in a trash bag.

Schachtel : Ich

Schachtel : Ich Box vs. Me Projection, height 2,0m, Hard Disk, 1’52” (Loop), 2006In a loop of a total of 112 images, a box will be investigated in relation to a human body. The examination is divided into 3 sections. The first study displays positions of a body in reference […]


Sound Selected Soundpieces since 2012 Spoken words , language and sound performances explore the possibilities of voice.

The White Digger

The White Digger Video installation, wooden construction, 2.0 x 1.5 m, DVD, Mini DV, 15:32min, 4:3, sound, 2008 A face on a bed of flour starts to dig itself into the pile. By repeatedly blowing the flour is moved to the side and goes up like a fountain. The flour covers […]