A Taste of Bench

A Taste Of Bench Videoperformance, mini DV, DVD, 2:01min, 16:9, Sound, 2010 The video “A Taste of Bench“ shows 126 pictures a performance. A man explores a bench by putting his body in relation to it. The process of moving to each position is changing his relationship to and the perception of the bench. Overview… Continue reading A Taste of Bench

Staring At The Sun Through My Hands

Staring At The Sun Through My Hands 7 Photographs, C-Print, 75×50 cm, 2014 Pictures taken during “Staring at the sun through my hands”.  Hint: You can try this too! Build a little cave with your hands. Use this “filter” to stare direclty into to sun. Take care of leaks! Overview Artworks      Roland Wegerer Ideencoach

This Is My Voice

This Is My Voice Video performance, app. 500x300cm, 8:05 min, HD, sound, 2010 The video performance “THIS IS MY VOICE” shows a stuttering chorus. Ten choreographically identical speech performances are shown simultanously. The irritation caused by the stuttering sound results in a new onomatopoetic sound. Installationview Installationview: Electric Walls Overview Artworks      Roland Wegerer Ideencoach


GOLD GOLD GOLD Video, DVD, mini DV, 1:12min (loop), 16:9, mute, 2009I’m on a black background. At the left edge of the picture you can see a part of my head with my mouth. The mouth opens. From the mouth cavity slowly and horizontally honey forms out until the jet is quite thin. Then the… Continue reading GOLD GOLD GOLD

It’s Dark in Here

it's dark in here roland Wegerer

It’s Dark In Here it’s dark in here roland Wegerer it’s dark in here roland Wegerer it’s dark in here roland Wegerer Series of photography, C-Print, var. dim., 2008 “It’s Dark in Here” is a study to exame my head in relation to a black plastic bag. Thirteen photographs are showing the iconic beauty of… Continue reading It’s Dark in Here


Sound Selected Soundpieces since 2012 Spoken words , language and sound performances explore the possibilities of voice. Overview Artworks      Roland Wegerer Ideencoach

The White Digger

The White Digger Video installation, wooden construction, 2.0 x 1.5 m, DVD, Mini DV, 15:32min, 4:3, sound, 2008 A face on a bed of flour starts to dig itself into the pile. By repeatedly blowing the flour is moved to the side and goes up like a fountain. The flour covers the head and the back… Continue reading The White Digger