Three Little Apes

This portrait series is inspired by the iconic three little apes. 3 Portraits of the artists are defaults for transformation with the Al Gahaku App and it’s ten variation options. The results will be presented in the internet or other digital mediums.

Obstacles - Roland Wegerer - Bad Hall

Obstacles Obstacles Videoperformance, 6:38min, 1920x1080px, 50fps, Sound, 2019 By using existing furnishings in the studio, different methodes of performace-based investigations were executed. You can watch back and forth in time simultanously for five seconds. These technique allows to show and listen to traces of time, movement and sound.“Obstacles” was developed, […]



Vegetationszirkel Vegetation CircleInstallation, Bucket, Concrete, Meadow, 2019 In his ring-like installation, Roland Wegerer shows a flowing panorama of vegetation stages. Buckets are used to cover grass for some weeks. Then they are exposed to sunlight and weather again. The segment with buckets is moved one position further in the circle […]

Cold Facts: Satisfaction

Cold Facts: Satisfaction Video Performance, 5:27min, 16:9, 1920x1080px, Sound, 2018No Satisfaction.


Bogenharfe 2 Arc harp 2 (Sound And Vision)Video Performance, 21:15min, 16:9, 1920x1080px, Sound, 2018 (excerpt) Experimental Live Sound Performance with public Instrument “Arc Harp” by Josef Baier.Tools: wooden cooking spoons.


Previous Next Selfglitch Digital Collages, C-Print, 30×30 cm, 2018 This series takes the phenomenon of the Selfies a step further. The artist transforms and deforms his selfie by using apps on his mobile phone. Questions about image, storytelling and self-optimization are ignored. These images asking about self-image-deconstruction and self-reflectation by […]

Audiolandschaft Pongau

Audiolandschaft Pongau Audiolandscape PongauDigital archive, sound, website, 2018 An  acoustic walk   “We can hear even before we’re born. The idea of “hearing the land” convinced the jury. Everything has its sound, every tree, every drop of water, even the motorway. A wonderful confrontation with a region in Salzburg that is […]


Passè Site-specific Installation, app, 60x80x230cm, Fabric, Wood, Engine, rotating mechanism, former Anton-Bruckner-University in Linz, 2017  Passè shows an abstract dancer in a ballet position called Passè. This installation was settled in the former Anton-Bruckner-University in Linz just before it was rebuilt. This was a place where students got their education […]

Burning lens Winter edition

Burning Lens – Snow Edition

Burning Lens – Snow Edition is a series of photographs taken in winter 2017/18. With long term exposures (2 to 6 sec.) and precise choreography of the artist these photographs are showing some painting qualities.